we can help to protect and prove your individual product and brand indentity

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If you plan to produce watches, smolsys ltd. can manage for you all the claims to full-fill the regulatory requirements. Based on our safety labelling technology and documentation methods, which are fully compliant to the actual legislation, we give you the tools to protect your intellectual property and Swissness.

we audit your material and assemble your watch with our protection tools, products and services to Swiss Quality level and SWISSNESS compliance.

Watch assembly

IN GLASS writing technology

Spectral fingerprint

We assemble your watch for you in Switzerland and audit with a Swiss lawyers chancellery the compliance to establish your Swissness certificate.

Your personal logo, design or design protection on your product to be unique.


We support the "Stop the fakes" campaign of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry with our spectral fingerprint.


Our products and services


We assemble your watch
... a must to be Swiss Made

Select your unique spectral fingerprint in combination with a proprietary bill of materials to secure your product
Send us your individual components
We assemble the individual components together with a Swiss movement in Swiss quality
You will receive a Swiss made watch with traceable certificate, that is fully transparent and compliant to the actual legislation of Swissness

In Glass writing technology

Draw attention to your product with a special marking

send us your personal





Spectral Fingerprint
Protect your product from being copied

Define the component you want to protect
Define the component you want to protect
In cooperation, we define the spectral fingerprint
We apply the spectral fingerprint under supervision to your components
Your watch is now traceable and legally protected under the SWISS MADE Ordinance approved by "Swissness" legislation. 

Clear advantage working with smolsys ltd. because you can ...

... use our longterm expertise in GSM (Glass Sealed Microsystems)

... ask for our knowledge in high compliance applications and markets

... let us assemble your watch in our network of highly knowledgeable staff experienced in Laser and Ultra-short-plus Lasers, in Glass, Sapphire, in automation of assembly of Microsystems, in radio-safety, in approbation processes for radioactive devices and for medical devices of type II and III

... be helped by protecting your brand with our tools 

... have your watches be assembled in our controlled zone, called Radio Space Container, approved by the Swiss Federal Office of Public Health

smolsys ltd. is a member of the Federation of Swiss watch industry FH and is independent to assemble your SWISS MADE watch on request


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